New Brunswick’s Projected Deficit Falls To $115.2 Million

Posted on Saturday, January 27, 2018 12:37 PM

New Brunswick will still see a deficit at the end of the fiscal year, but it won't be as large as first thought.

That's according to the province's third-quarter fiscal results that came out on Friday.

The budgeted deficit for 2017-18 is $191.9 million, but the province is now projecting a deficit of $115.2 million.

A news release says the government is projecting revenue to be $74.3 million higher than budgeted while expenses are also down from budget.

Meanwhile, New Brunswick's net debt is expected to climb by $272.9 million, compared to the original budget projection of $362.1 million.

The Gallant Liberals will unveil their 2018-19 budget on Tuesday.