Another Parking Lot Gets Approval From Common Council

Posted on Tuesday, March 31, 2015 05:26 AM

Mayor Mel Norton making it crystal clear he's not happy with Common Council's decision to give preliminary approval to a parking plan proposal from J.D. Irving.

The plan would see the section of Elliott Row behind the head office on Union Street merge with the existing lots in that area in order to create one big company parking lot.

Norton tells us there are much better ways we can use our land than putting in more surface parking lots. He says if we're going to have a vibrant downtown core that is filled with people and businesses it has to be built for businesses and not automobiles.

After two public hearings, council giving first and second reading to both the rezoning of the parcel of land along with the street closing of that section of Elliott Row.

As well, council voting that the City enter into an agreement of Purchase and Sale for the sale of that closed up section of Elliott Row to J.D.I. for the purchase price of $99,000.