Horizon Launches Online Research Registry

Posted on Sunday, January 28, 2018 17:36 PM

Have you ever considered taking part in a clinical research trial? If so, the Horizon Health Network is looking for you.

They've created an online research registry where you can sign up to take part in a research study or join a research committee.

Barry Strack, regional director of research services for Horizon, tells us they support over 700 research studies in diseases such as dementia, diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

"There are some that investigate new drugs or new medical devices, and they're often sponsored by pharmaceutical companies ... on the other hand, it may be a study that's very community-based," says Strack.

In one study, Strack says they're recruiting patients with COPD and working with community pharmacies to develop educational training programs, with a goal of keeping COPD patients out of the ER.

He says they want to engage more patients in research to improve the types of results the studies generate.

"They help us to understand human health needs better, they help us track diseases within our communities, and they help us evaluate new interventions and new treatments so that we can see whether or not they're having positive impacts on patient outcomes."

If clinical research trials aren't your thing, Strack says you can also sign up to volunteer on a committee that plans research projects in your area.

You can access the registry by clicking HERE.