Horizon Health Network Seeks Feedback From Patients

Posted on Saturday, January 27, 2018 13:27 PM

How were you treated by staff during your recent stay at a Horizon Health Network hospital?

That's one of the questions included in the network's annual Hospital Experiences Survey, which is being given to anyone who spends at least one night at a Horizon facility between Jan. 22 and March 2.

Margaret Melanson, vice-president of quality and patient-centered care, tells us the survey resembles the New Brunswick Health Council Acute Survey, which is done every three years.

"We really felt that once every three years was not frequent enough for us to be able to keep in touch with our patients and families and to be able to receive feedback that was a little more timely," says Melanson.

Questions range from how you were treated by staff during your stay to how often your room and bathroom were kept clean.

Melanson says the usually receive about 3,000 completed surveys, which is a response rate of between 50 and 60 per cent.

"It's really very good and rich information for front-line staff, managers, physicians to use to really help them to have a bit of that report card around how the patient experience is being perceived by those who are utilizing our services," she says.

Melanson says they can view results for the entire health authority, for certain geographic areas, and even certain departments.