NB Hires Recruiter To Help With Adoptions

Posted on Wednesday, November 29, 2017 17:27 PM

Being unadoptable is unacceptable which is why the Gallant government has hired a recruiter to help find families who want to adopt.

New Brunswick Families and Children Minister Stephen Horsman made the announcement in Moncton today.

About 400 children are currently in foster care province-wide.

Recruiter Tina Sylvie Ouellette says individuals or families who are currently close to a foster child are being recruited to adopt.

"Making connections with people who are presently or past involved in a child's life and people who are significant for them.  It's really focused on the child's needs.  It's a child-focused recruitment model," she notes.

The province has signed an agreement with U.S.-based Wendy's Wonderful Kids, created by the late fast food founder Dave Thomas who was also adopted, and Ouellette says part of her job is to implement that program here.