Survey Finds Parents Are Encouraging Children To Give

Posted on Tuesday, December 5, 2017 12:41 PM

Do you give to charity at Christmas time, and are you passing that giving message down to your kids?

A new survey by Imagine Canada found parents are recognizing the value of raising children to be kind and generous.

89 per cent of the parents surveyed believe in inspiring their kids to give to charities, and 82 per cent said that children on teens who regularly give to charities are more likely to become happy, caring adults.

President and CEO of Imagine Canada Bruce MacDonald says this is definitely the time of giving, "About five billion dollars will be contributed in the last six to eight weeks of the year to charitable causes from generous Canadians."

MacDonald says parents who act as role models when it comes to giving are the best kind, because when your child sees you giving, they often follow suit.

If you hold a family meeting to discuss your child's interests, perhaps there might be a charity that reflects that, and they might be more motivated to give.

Other survey highlights:
79 per cent see charitable giving is an essential holiday season experience for their children and teenagers
76 per cent say they are committed to teaching their children about charitable giving
77 per cent believe it's important to provide their children with opportunities and encouragement to give a portion of their allowance to charities of their own choice
79 per cent have discussed charitable giving with their kids
36 per cent have called a family meeting to discuss charitable giving as part of their family's holiday activities