"There Isn't Anything Else That Can Run By Itself And Do It": NB Power On High Bills

Posted on Wednesday, February 7, 2018 06:01 AM

Higher than anticipated power bills are prompting some New Brunswickers to complain about price gouging, or worry about faulty meters.

NB Power Energy Advisor Brent Lockhart says the plain and simple truth is, cold temperatures mean higher power bills, especially with electric baseboards.

He says a 100 watt lightbulb, running for 30 days straight will only cost about $7 plus tax.

"An average fridge maxes out in the $35 to $40 range, and then you look at your heating, one four foot baseboard, running full time for 30 days can add $116 plus tax," says Lockhart.

He goes on to say "when your bill goes up $200 there isn't anything else in the house that can run by itself and do it."

Lockhart adds "your oven could do it and your dryer can do it, but your dryer is on a timer, and most people would know if their oven was on fulltime for 30 days, so it can't be anything else other than heat."

He adds 12 years of testing shows faulty meters aren't to blame either.

"There's been roughly 20,000 random samples of our meters tested, and none of them have failed that test," says Lockhart. "So the meters are tested, they have to be accurate to within plus or minus 3% of the energy run through it, and they test for creeping, and all the things related to metering and zero have failed that test."

Lockhart says on their website, there are several programs, and options available for homeowners looking to reduce their power bills.